I think people unfamiliar with coaching tend to think that a coach will tell them what to do and how to live. I, instead, listen with focus and help you to become clear about your definition of a life well lived. From there we can flush out what's in the way of it and start to pivot, slowly and sustainably towards that life.


Together we will design actionable, time bound goals and I will help you find an accountability partner or be yours. This isn't about my goals for you, but how you can become the best, most effective, high performing version of yourself.

Sessions will be held either in person or, in the majority of cases, via Zoom©. Zoom© enables a face to face meeting anywhere in the world. 

I am flexible on timing to fit around your current schedule and there is umlimited email support between sessions where necessary.

Get in touch for your free one to one session with me. No cost, no obligation.