My life so far..

I’m not attached to my story, but here it is if you should choose to read on….

I was born after a night of passion under a bridge in Bedford, between a seventeen year old virgin and a married man 10 years her senior.  I have 10 brothers and sisters, 4 of them are full siblings and I grew up in a mixture of caravan sites and council houses. 


During the 80’s I had a car accident, I took a lot of drugs, had two children by different fathers, became homeless, tried squatting, had a lot of tattoos, was promiscuous, a victim of domestic violence and a co-dependent, I was fierce, streetwise, I told lies, I cheated on people, I didn’t do what I said I would, I created drama, I did what I had to do to get through, I was out of control, the dark side prevailed. 


In the 90’s I went to University,  discovered feminism,  began to develop positive relationships with others, I came to terms with my addictions, became a teacher and brought my own house and put on a lot of weight, I started to meditate and discovered gong baths, crystal healing and yoga. 


In the noughties, I got married and divorced, gave birth to my youngest daughter, became frustrated with the education system and so I founded and headed up a school for children with behavioural problems where I helped young people and their families to overcome their life challenges, I experimented with every diet under the sun and every self-help program under the moon and put on and lost a lot of weight many times.


In the Teenies, I ran a half marathon, became very ill due to stress, discovered functional medicine and a great practitioner, healed my gut, had psychotherapy,  re-married,  became happy with my body, changed my career, got myself a life coach and then became a life coach. I went through the menopause.  I embraced forgiveness and shame, re-discovered embodiment and started to dance again.


My whole life has been a work in progress, leading up to this moment when I am poised to connect with you……